Streaming Bitrate Calculator

Bitrate (Kbps)
Stream Resolution
FPS / Framerate
Encoder (Compression Ratio)


  • Chosen Bitrate 0
  • Stream Resolution 1980x1920
  • Framerate 60
  • Compression (normal) x264
  • Missing Bitrate -
  • Leftover Bitrate -
Bitrate - Bandwidth - Upload Speed

To know what bitrate we can use we need to find what is the maximum upload speed limit of our connection.

Speed Test provides us with an excellent tool to find out this information and know how many Mbps we have available.
Link to Speed Test.


To avoid connection saturation, it is recommended to set the upload bitrate to 75% of our speed limit.

Examples of Upload Bitrates (1 Mbps = 1.000 Kbps x 75% = 750 Kbps)
  • 1 Mbps = 750 Kbps bitrate
  • 3 Mbps = 2.250 Kbps bitrate
  • 6 Mbps = 4.500 Kbps bitrate
  • 8 Mbps = 6.000 Kbps bitrate
  • 12 Mbps = 9.000 Kbps bitrate
  • 15 Mbps = 11.250 Kbps bitrate
Twitch Inspector

The Twitch Inspector is the official Twitch tool that will help us test the chosen bitrate without having to do a live broadcast.

Link: Twitch Inspector
Dynamic Bitrate

The automatic bitrate option will help us avoid the typical freezes, jerks or crashes when streaming live.

Most streaming programs have this functionality and it can be a great help to improve the quality of our transmissions.

Activate Dynamic Bitrate in OBS
  1. File > Settings
  2. Tab "Advanzed" > "Network"
  3. Check the "Dynamically change the bitrate to manage congestion" checkbox.
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